Wednesday, 18 July 2018

the second character I like

what we are watching 2

the other thing that we are watching right now is something called draw a stickman epic 2 and how to play that game is you have to draw a stickman or something you want to draw then you have to draw keys or something you want to draw after that you have to complete lots of chapter then win 

What I'm doing right now

what I'm doing right now is blogging and My mum is telling me to do ten blogs again and that is what I'm Doing right now. 



what my mum was doing

what My mum was doing was going to a funeral after that she went with our littlest brother and the little brother went with his money and went to the shop when he came back he came back with some food cause he had money and  buyed stuff that is what My mum did 

the thing that we were watching

the thing that were watching was something called granny and it was a game video but the type of game it is a scary game and what you have to do in that video game you have to escape granny's house and win the game. that was what we were watch